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Hedican v. Walmart Stores East, L.P.

Court: Supreme Court of the United States, No. 21-648
Case status: Settled
Center involvement: Amicus Curiae
Date of filing: December 23, 2021

Edward Hedican, a Seventh-day Adventist, lost his job as an assistant manager at Walmart before his first day of work. The reason: he asked Walmart to let him rest on his Sabbath. This is the legacy of TWA v. Hardison, a 1977 case that weakened Title VII’s protections for religious employees. This brief, filed on behalf of the Jewish Coalition for Religious Liberty asks the Supreme Court to hear Mr. Hedican’s case, overturn Hardison, and restore Title VII’s promise of a workplace free of religious discrimination. It explains that Hardison’s error has been particularly harmful to Jews seeking to honor the Sabbath and religious minorities who seek working-class jobs.

Court Filings:
Link to Brief of Amicus Curiae the Jewish Coalition for Religious Liberty in Support of Petitioners