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John and Jane Parents 1, et al. v. Montgomery County Board of Education, et al.

Court: Supreme Court of the United States, No. 23-601
Case status: Ongoing, Petition for Writ of Certiorari
Center involvement:Brief on behalf of Amicus Curiae Professors S. Ernie Walton and Eric A. DeGroff
Date of filing: January 4, 2024

A group of parents challenged a policy of the Montgomery County Board of Education that required teachers and school administrators to hide from parents that their children were “socially transitioning” to a new gender identity, if the school deemed the parents not sufficiently supportive of the transition.  The district court dismissed the parent’s lawsuit and the Fourth Circuit affirmed.  The parents sought a writ of certiorari, asking the Supreme Court to take the case and resolve a split between the Fourth Circuit and other federal circuits. 
The Robertson Center’s brief supports the parents’ petition asking the Supreme Court to hear the case.  It highlights the parental rights scholarship of Regent Law Professors S. Ernie Walton and Eric A. DeGroff.  Research by Professors Walton and DeGroff demonstrates parents’ historical right to direct the upbringing of their children and the limits of a school’s authority to hide information from the parents about important moral and religious matters.   

Court Filings:
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